why volunteer?

Volunteering with the CA/ADA is a great way to get to know others in the dressage community while building on your personal and professional development. There are a variety of ways that you can donate your skills and time to benefit our local dressage community. Join as a board member, sit on one of the show, education, or sponsorship committees, or lend a hand on an as-needed basis. Contact any of our board or committee members to get involved.

make friends

Not just any friends - friends that talk 'horse'. Get ideas and support from your fellow riders.

make an impact

Volunteers make it all happen. From booking venues to balancing the books, our success is your success.

Grow together

Your unique skills and talents help us get stuff done - but along the way you'll develop even more.

Share ideas

The best way to shape the future of your sport is to be on the inside where the decisions get made.

support local dressage

It's easy to make a difference in your dressage community. Explore the many ways you can help get our initiatives off the ground.